5 Tips for SEO – not as scary as it sounds!

When people hear those three letters – “SEO” – a sense of fear seems to come over them. Their brain quickly tries to make sense of this techy term. They know it stands for Search Engine Optimisation but that’s where their knowledge ends.

SEO recicle arrows

If that sounds anything like you, don’t worry, this article will run through all the basics and help you to confidently implement some strategies to boost your search rankings in no time!

Firstly, what is SEO exactly? Well, simply put, it is the optimisation of a web site or web pages organic (non-paid) listing in search results. The better a sites SEO, the easier it will be for visitors to find your site and the more traffic you will receive.

The next few tips and tricks can be done by just about any non-technical person to increase SEO. There are a few bits that will need very basic technical knowledge but it’s nothing that you won’t be able to achieve with a bit of help from Google.

  1. Titles
    • It is important to accurately create unique page
      titles within the tag of your HTML. These titles should describe the content of your web page.
  2. Description
    • Make use of the “description” metatag. This is a HTML element that describes your website to search engines.
    • Make sure to index keywords – these are words that accurately describe the content of your site and will help to direct search queries to your site.
  3. Structure
    • Structure your site using a simple directory structure with a naturally flowing hierarchy.
    • Improve the structure of your URLs so that it accurately describes your page and try where possible to use mostly text for navigation instead of numbers or symbols.
    • If you have the technical knowledge, prepare an XML site map (this isn’t too difficult, we will post a blog on it soon).
    • Make your site easier to navigate by using breadcrumb lists and remember the 3 click rule (a visitor should be able to get to where they want on your page in three clicks or less)!
  4. Contentt-google-images-alt-tags-1303483620
    • Use easy to read, concise text to create unique content.
    • You can easily combat spam with rel=”nofollow” for linksseo-content
    • It’s a good idea to use the “alt” attribution for images, videos or audio files. This allows images etc. to be described in text. Not only does this boost SEO because it is more machine readable, but it also describes the content to users who cannot view it due to slow load times etc.
  5. Backlinks

    • Backlinks, also known as inbound links (IBL) is an incoming hyperlink from one web page to your website or web page.
    • Make sure backlinks are good quality – this means that they are coming from a relevant site of authority within your sector back to your site.
    • Avoid bad quality backlinks from link farms – search engines are smart and this won’t boost your SEO in the long run.
    • Increase backlinks from social media sites and sites related to your community.


Of course, SEO is a subject that can be researched in much more breadth and depth but these top five tips are a great place to begin! If you have any other tricks that you would like to share with the WoodNote Digital community please feel free to comment below.


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